A 10-year old boy was brought to Palmer Hospital, one of our Nigerian facilities. Victory Samuel was very sick. Victory was diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome of chronic kidney disease (which has a 50% mortality rate within 2 years) and ascites, which often leads to liver disease, cirrhosis, and death.

Laboratory investigations were pursued and medications were administered. Following the initial treatment, blood infusions and more lab work were ordered but the single mother, Rose, could not afford even the highly discounted costs associated with treatment and decided to take Victory home to die.

Upon hearing about her situation, the hospital intervened and treated Victory without any cost to the family. His condition improved so much in the following days that he was discharged. Rose was so happy her son had been helped and healed. After hearing the “Good News” of the gospel at the hospital, Rose accepted Christ and was baptized. She shouted in praise, “God has passed through Palmer Hospital to save my son.”