A one-week old baby nicknamed “Baby Precious” recently came to NCH emaciated, and near death.  The baby had a birth defect, and no food could pass through his intestines.  He was literally starving to death.  The family took the child to NCH because they were destitute and could not afford to seek care elsewhere.  The next day, pediatric surgeon, Dr. Emem, came on her rotation.

Dr. Emem, together with the entire surgical team, performed an incredible, complex, and life-saving surgery.  By God’s grace the baby boy recovered well.  When asked why she serves at NCH, Dr. Emem replied:
“NCH helped mold the Christian surgeon I am today.  I started my career at this place under the careful guidance of Dr. Whittaker and Dr. Farrar.  I’ll try to do the little I can, as the Lord gives me strength”

As we continue to develop and expand our ministries, may God bless us with more heroes like Dr. Emem and may more lives, like this young baby boy, receive life-saving care.  Through these efforts, the love of Christ is made known as we serve.

Dr. Emem was the very first of hundreds of young Africans to be sponsored through our African Scholarship Program to train Christian young people in various fields of the health sciences.  She was sponsored for five years of medical school.  What a great investment this ministry made in sponsoring this amazing woman!