Nigerian Christian Hospital

Begun in 1965 by missionary doctor, Henry Farrar and others, NCH has grown in every way though the years. Serving the Ibo tribe and located in Abia state, near the large southern Nigerian city of Aba, NCH now includes:


The motto of the hospital is, “We treat the wound; God heals it.” The hospital serves the community as a general hospital – complete with medical, surgical, pediatric, obstetrical, and outpatient services. It has long since outgrown the ability of expatriate missionary doctors and nurses to adequately staff it. Many such dedicated, hard working doctors and nurses have served faithfully at NCH since the beginning. It now functions fully with a Nigerian staff, including six Nigerian doctors.

Nigerian Christian HospitalThrough the years countless doctors, nurses, medical technologists, business people, skilled laborers, students, preachers, and others have served God at NCH. It continues to function as a training ground for young Nigerian doctors and nurses. The government of Nigeria has approved the hospital for both family practice and obstetrical training.

Emergency room at Nigerian Christian Hospital

The hospital continues to be a blessing to the sick and the poor while also being a mission point for teaching and preaching the message of Jesus. Countless people have become Christians because of the hospital and its outreach.


Beginnings of NCH: The Hospital began in the dreams of the early Church of Christ missionaries in Southwest Nigeria. Henry Farrar,M.D., arrived in Nigeria with Grace and their five children in 1964. Two nurses, Iris Hayes and Nancy Petty, joined them in 1965 to launch the Nigerian Christian Hospital. The Hospital was established “in the bush” on 119 acres of land donated by three villages eleven miles from Aba, the nearest city. Its purpose was to serve the sick and the poor while being an instrument to spread the Gospel. You might find it interesting to read a more detailed history of the hospital, and of Doug Lawyer, a missionary who played a part in its establishment (both PDF format).