Palmer Memorial Hospital

Palmer Memorial Hospital is located in Akwa Ibom State about an hour from Nigerian Christian Hospital. Dr. Lucian Palmer, a long-term missionary to Nigeria, originally established PMH as a clinic. Palmer Hospital primarily serves the surrounding Ibibio tribe and includes the following:


From 1986 to 1996, Palmer Memorial was operated as an out-patient Clinic. In 1996, after additional construction, it became a full service Hospital with twenty beds.

Palmer Memorial HospitalIt is a well equipped smaller hospital located on a fifteen-acre compound, complete with its own water supply, guesthouse, and residences for nurses and physicians . The Hospital is extremely important to the surrounding villages which have little access to other medical care.

Palmer has the ability to do obstetrical cases and some surgeries, in addition to in-patient and outpatient care. The volume and acuity of patients is not as great as that of Nigerian Christian Hospital. This makes it a pleasant place to work and consequently very appealing to certain physicians.

The spiritual side of patients is stressed at Palmer Hospital just as it is at NCH. The resulting balance of work at Palmer may be just what you are looking for. Consider serving there - long-term or short-term. Contact us for more information.


Harper Clinic

Harper ClinicThe Harper Christian Clinic is located in the village of Owutu, in Imo State Nigeria. This recently constructed clinic is named for the late Jeremy Harper, a young man from Fort Smith, Arkansas who was tragically killed. The Harper family is active in the West-Ark congregation in Fort Smith. Family and friends at the congregation decided to build this clinic in his memory. This clinic features:




Yendi Clinic in Ghana

The Church of Christ Mission Clinic in the Bomso district of Kumasi was opened in 1987. Our second clinic, located in the northern town of Yendi, was opened in 1996. Both are nice, well-designed outpatient clinics.

The Kumasi Clinic shares a large campus in the city with Ghana Bible College and the large Bomso Church of Christ. The clinic operations include:

Peter and a patientThe Yendi clinic is a very unique situation in that it serves as a medical missions point in an overwhelmingly Muslim area. Some of its special attributes are:

Both clinics are quite busy and are staffed by nationals. The clinics are located on spacious compounds, complete with living quarters for staff and visitors.

In addition to a strong patient care presence, another major goal of each clinic is to train Primary Health Care workers who will be able to promote health in their own villages. The fixed clinics also participate in village outreach programs consisting of mobile clinics and immunization programs.

A full-time evangelist works with each of the clinics. They spend time teaching the patients, as well as comforting those who are suffering. Each year hundreds of people are taught and many give themselves to the Lord. We have had many American missionaries working in these clinics through the years. They include doctors, nurses, business managers, and administrators. They have uniformly enjoyed serving in Kumasi and Yendi. The work is pleasant and the living conditions are good. Opportunities to serve at the Yendi clinic do arise, so please feel free to inform us of your interest.



Tanzania Christian Clinic

This is a clinic that we are now affiliated with that serves the Maasai tribe in northern Tanzania. It is located in the village of Ngaresh Juu, not far from Mount Kilimanjaro. Begun by Drs. Danny and Tanzania Christian ClinicNancy Smelser in 2008. This facility features:


Mwanza Area Community Health Project

IHCF African Christian Hospitals has partnered with a veteran missionary team working in Mwanza, Tanzania to improve health care in the region. This project will not include a hospital or clinic, but instead is a community-based initiative that involves a Project Health Director using a variety of resources and numerous volunteers to provide improved health care to the 100 villages in the targeted area.

The goals for this project include: